How Can You Design Your Own House?

Planning to make some changes for your home to make it look even better? If that’s the case, then you might love the idea to design your own house. But what do you need beforehand in your pursue of designing your own humble abode? Designing a home is a major project and you must keep everything organised to guarantee that you are always on track. And for you to do so here are some useful things that can help you.

Look for Inspiration

While thinking of what is best to do in designing your home, you can start by looking over other houses to come up with your ideal home design. Try to search for houses that have features that you love for you to get a general idea of what you want. If you find a cool house somewhere down the road, you can stop your car and knock on their door. Who knows, the owner might give you a quick tour and with that, you can get inspiration for your dream home.

Scan through various Real Estate Magazines and Home Books

This is another sure-winning way to get the design idea of what you would like your home to be. It’s best to see real images of something that you like rather than picture it all out in your head.

How Can You Design Your Own House?

Ask Your Family Members for Some Inputs

Why not let your family members share their ideas or inputs in giving your house a complete new style? Knowing what they want is also a big consideration. By including your family members in the pursuance of designing your own house, you get them involved and make them feel like they are part of such project. So everyone will be happy with the end results.

How Can You Design Your Own House?

These and more are the simple yet effective tips that you can do in revamping your home using your own creativity. But if you want a more professional finish in the style of your home, then you can always ask the service of an architect or a home interior designer. Either ways you can make your dream home come true.

A List Of New Build Homes in London That Cost Under £250k

As the rest of the United Kingdom suffers from the inconsistencies of prices in the real estate, London has figures that show otherwise. With the Olympic factor that they are still enjoying, prices are getting higher at a rate of 7.2 percent than the previous year. Their average home costs £388,000. This gives light in the stagnant trend of United Kingdom’s housing rates.

According to the Land Registry, there are several boroughs that are starting to bloom again. In Westminster, the prices are higher at 11.4 percent than last year. Despite these trends that real estate price range is getting higher, there is still good news for first time buyers. The resurgence of the real estate business has opened doors for developers to create homes that are affordable in not well known places. However, you can still access the country’s transport and history links.

A List Of New Build Homes in London That Cost Under £250k

Below are the best options of new build homes in London for first-time home buyers. It will cost you under £250,000.

  1. Bromley-by-Bow – This is the former east London engineering that has been transformed into a 129 new apartments. Travel time from Stratford is only six minutes and if you are from Canary Wharf, it involves seven minutes travelling time. One bedroom apartment costs £210,000.
  2. Greenwich – This is considered a chic village that showcases green lush will be a home in the 4,000 suburbs called Kidbrooke Village. It has an overlooking area and one bedroom apartment price starts at £220,000. It will take you minutes away from the major amenities.
  3. Hounslow – The developer United House Developments have established 42 new homes located in west of London. They are on a regeneration program amounting to £4.8 million. The area is only seven minutes away from the three major tube stations. The two bedroom apartment is priced at £230,000.
  4. Limehouse – This location used to be a rundown area but it has been transformed into fashionable clubs, bars, restaurants and high end businesses. The homes are equally trendy with the place. A fully private one bedroom apartment will cost you £249,950 and if you choose shared ownership apartments, price starts at £88,000 for a share of forty percent.
  5. Croydon – This is a new development made by Berkeley Homes in one of the locations that is close to bus, rail and tram interchanges. It is in south London, the 179 apartment has a starting price of £182,500. For first time buyers, you are required to pay a minimal 10 percent of the total package and the rest will be paid upon completion.

With the options to choose from, owning a house for the first time will not be as difficult as anyone has thought of.

Start Your Scandinavian Self Build Homes

A Scandinavian home is known for its modern and unique look and if you are planning to have this kind of house, then you have really made a good decision. If you are taking into consideration starting a Scandinavian self build homes project, it pays for you to look upon certain factors. So what are these? Continue reading for you to know more.

Attend Self Build Exhibitions

Before you get to building your own Scandinavian house, it would be best if you will participate in any self build home exhibitions. This is very useful for you to know how the self build process goes. Take also some time to roam around some show homes featuring Scandinavian inspired homes as your source of inspiration. You can also get some important ideas on how you want your home to look like.

Pick a Plot for your Scandinavian Self Build Home

One of things that you should also do is to choose a plot. You can actually work with your preferred architect to guide you from this point to the time they let you handle the keys. They can facilitate all needed trades and project and can manage the entire build if you want. But if you want to be hands-on with such project, then you can freely take over the job as long as you are able to.

Construction Materials Needed

Another essential consideration is the type of construction materials you want to use on your Scandinavian self build home project. This can be identified depending on your plot. Planning control has rules that you must follow, such as whether you are willing to use eco-friendly techniques to all your needed materials for your build.

Start Your Scandinavian Self Build Homes

It really pays to plan first for you to make sure that everything is on track. So if you are thinking of building a Scandinavian inspired home, then the above things will definitely help you realise it.

The Perks of Getting a Home and Building Insurance

A lot of people don’t find it necessary to get a home and building insurance. They thought that this is just a small matter to spend their money for their property to be insured. The real score is that, such kinds of policies are very helpful as this covers your house or building’s entire contents and even your cars. Without this, your property will lack security. So, to be able to protect it from sudden losses, getting an insurance policy is a must. To show you the benefits of house and building insurance, here’s a run through.

Disaster Coverage – Earthquake, flood, fire outs, tornados and other forms of disasters are beyond our control. These can cause so much damage on a property but if your house or building is insured, you are saved from spending a hefty amount of cash for the renovation or reconstruction needed to bring back the old state of your home or establishment.

The Perks of Getting a Home and Building Insurance

Damage and Injury Coverage – Another great benefit of being insured is the protection it gives towards damages and injuries. It caters anything from bodily injuries and as mentioned above, the structural damages incurred. You can get your medical claims for the physical injuries that you have attained. Other than the compensation cost, the insurance will also cover the legal fees.

Structural Coverage – This is the kind of coverage that primarily deals with the needed cost for home renovations or extensions in case a complete destruction of your house or property occurred. Knowing the exact cost of reconstructing a home per square foot multiply to the whole square footage of your house will be equal to the precise expenditures that a policy holder will be warranted to.

The Perks of Getting a Home and Building Insurance

These are just some of the coverage that you will expect to get from having home and building policy. There are actually more to these. Just make sure that you will choose a policy that has full coverage.

What Should Be Done Prior to Home Building and Renovating?

There are so many reasons why homeowners decide to renovate their homes. It can be due to their growing family; maybe they want an entertainment area, office or just simply want their house to be more spacious. Whatever you reasons may be, whether you will renovate or add extension on your place for it to enhance its aesthetics, you must check your local council on the needed prerequisites in order to gain home building and renovating permit. Making prior planning will not only ensure that your dream house will be realised but also to guarantee that you, your family and all your neighbours are safe while the construction is going on.

What Should Be Done Prior to Home Building and Renovating?

There are some things that should be done first as you are planning to renovate or make extension in your house. This includes having pest and building assessments. Inspection is needed around your premises to identify any problems that should be addressed prior to the start of the renovation or extension. The inspection will be done by the builder of your choice, after which, they will obtain a building approval. Building approval confirms that the house is structurally sound and will be constructed by a certified builder.

What Should Be Done Prior to Home Building and Renovating?

You can get the planning approval from your local council and this will guarantee that the extension or renovation that will be made will be a blot on the landscape but will bring so much complement and will have a positive impact on the environment and the surrounding neighbourhood. Home extension and renovation is one tough task. Unless you are an experienced builder yourself, you can efficiently handle the job well but if you are not, then hire a qualified builder. In this way, you are guaranteed that you will obtain building approval as qualified builders know the ins and outs to gain the council approval needed prior to executing the job.

The Benefits Of Attending A Home Building Show

Being part of a home building show will give extra experience for the home builders industry as it showcases different projects available in the market today. Here is a list of benefits in attending a home building show.

The Benefits Of Attending A Home Building Show
  • In joining home shows, you will witness exciting and important things that are happening in the industry. It is a catalyst in bringing huge investments and innovations. With full packed activities like seminars and exhibits that are both pleasing to the eyes and for the mind as well.
  • Visitors coming from different levels in the industry have flooded the home show. It is encouraging for exhibitors to show their products and technologies to high level visitors that show great interest. Also, you will be able to mingle with personalities from top malls and supermarkets, energy specialists and from the public sector. They all have favourable feedbacks that will eventually create business deals.
  • This kind of forum is very good as it offers a platform to initiate relationships for sustainability.
  • You will be able to get the right people for your showcased products. It is one of the most suitable events that you can promote and educate clients about your business. Participating in a home building show will benefit both the exhibitor and the clients. It is a good venue to link to the right people.
  • You can educate people about your new technologies such as solar thermal and other new innovations. You are able to let them realise that there are more technologies that can be used to help clients save big in home construction and maintenance.
  • It creates business opportunities for you will be able to link with other industries.
The Benefits Of Attending A Home Building Show

As home building shows are getting bigger and bigger each year with different showcased technologies and products, this activity is a great help for both the contractors and clients.

Things to Consider on How to Build a Home Bar

A home bar can be an ideal addition to any area in your house for those who are into entertainment. Can you imagine how fun it could be throwing a house party and seeing your guests sitting and enjoying the night relaxing at your bar? Your new home bar will surely be the centrepiece of your space and the main gathering for your visitors too. The bar itself is the main attraction, with all those stylish and elegant glasses and your favourite spirits displayed on. But, how can you build a home bar? If you are planning to have a home bar, there are some things you should keep in mind. So what are these? Below are considerable things on how to build a home bar.


Before building a home bar, first and foremost, you should consider the location on where you will put it. For sure, you will need water and electrical power source. So you might opt for an area in your home where these two exist to cut down on construction expenditures. The corners of your house can be an ideal location to build a bar. As a matter of fact, you can save a great deal of money installing a bar in the corner of your house since it will only require you to construct two bar tops rather than three or more. Furthermore, you can make use of the walls for design element and custom cabinetry.

Needed Elements

Since the counter is the bar’s primary structure, it is definitely the element that you first give attention to. On the inside, you can make use of the space below the bar for keeping wine glasses and any other kinds of glasses, varieties of drinks or liquors, among other things. Also, you can put some bar rails. Your guests will surely find these bar rails enticing since they can rest their tired feet here. You can use steel or word for the rails; it matters what you choose.

Essential Bar Stools

What comes next and should never be forgotten are the essential stools for the bar. There are various styles and kinds of bar stools that you can choose from. If you are into retro style bar, you can go and look for matching stools. Or perhaps you are a sport lover; you can pick stools with the logo of your favourite team. You can also pick for stationary chairs for your guests to enjoy spinning around a swivel chair. You can freely opt for the chair that suits you preference.

Things to Consider on How to Build a Home Bar

The above-mentioned are just few of the things you need to take into consideration when you are building a home bar. If you consider these things, then you can never go wrong in building your own home bar.

Is Cost An Advantage Of Self Build Homes?

Over 13,000 people in the United Kingdom build their homes from scratch each year. The question is: Why has it become the first option of people when they think of owning their homes? The answer is simple, the cost advantage of self build homes which is an affordable way to make their dream home.

What are the advantages of self build homes?

Is Cost An Advantage Of Self Build Homes?
  • It is affordable.
    Self build homes are a cost efficient way to own a quality home that is customised according to your needs. Typically, a self built home will cost you around £800-£1,200 per square meter and varies depending on your location and on how much time you are going to spend in building your home. In the United Kingdom, self build homes are qualified to avail a zero interest rate for VAT. In this case, labor cost will not be taxed and you can reclaim the VAT imposed on your materials by the end of the project. In most cases, self builders can reclaim almost £10,000 of VAT.
  • You can create your own design that fits the family’s needs.
    When you are self building your home, it gives you more opportunity to create a home that suits well the family’s lifestyle even if your family is growing or when the kids have grown.
  • You can take advantage of your area’s natural features.
    With a good plan for your house, you will be able to maximise the best details of your area. You can have more natural light and enjoy the scenery as well as have a floor plan that fits well for the family. Upon securing a permit, you will then have the power to decide on your own on what is essential to you.
Is Cost An Advantage Of Self Build Homes?

Recently, the best news for self builders is the consultation made by the government to permanently remove the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is imposed on every 100 square meters of each home and presided by the local authorities. With the consultation on exempting self builders for the levy, it will surely be an advantage financially for self builders.